Top 12 Best Dog Backpack Carriers in 2019: In Depth Reviews & How-To-Choose Guide

Dog lovers that want to take their pets wherever they go will definitely need to think about getting the best dog backpack carrier. Not only that a backpack carrier for dogs makes everything easier by allowing you to plan for everything else regarding a trip, knowing that your dog is already taken care of, but it also gives you the ability to spend more quality time with your favorite pet. In case you’ve already tried a couple of dog carrier backpacks and didn’t quite find what you needed, is probably because there are a lot of low-quality models out there that do not take into consideration the comfort of your dog or yourself.

And you don’t have to be too hard on yourself because with so many models to choose from and a lot of low-quality brands that just want to make a profit, it’s easy to choose something that doesn’t truly meet your needs. Looking for a carrier for dogs is not such an easy task and that’s why we are coming to your aid with this exhaustive article that should give you a huge helping hand when it comes to buying a doggie bag carrier.

In order to do so, we’ve been through hundreds of product reviews for pet carrier backpacks and no matter if you’re looking for a carrier for small dogs or a general pet carrier backpack, you will be able to use the top-products list we made to find and purchase the best model for your pet that also fits your needs. So, get ready for a journey filled with different models of pet backpack carriers at the end of which you will be able to easily make a decision and even help your friends when faced with the same dilemma.

Dog Backpack Carriers: Comparison of Best Selling Models

Before jumping into best dog backpack carrier reviews and get into a lot of details, in order to make the transition from rookie to expert, we’re going to start with a comparison table with our top-selected 12 products. These were picked after going through hundreds of pet carrier reviews and checking the feedback of actual dog owners that bought or used these products.

Model Max Weight Material Legs in / out Rating
22 lbs Oxford cloth / pvc leather In No
5 of 5
12 lbs Pu leather In Yes
4 of 5
20 lbs Oxford fabric In Yes 4 of 5
15 lbs Oxford fabric In No
4 of 5
Prefer Pets
Prefer Pets
20 lbs Faux-fur In Yes
4 of 5
Pet Magasin
Pet Magasin
15 lbs Oxford fabric In Yes
3 of 5
12 lbs Oxford fabric In No
3 of 5
Casual Canine
Casual Canine
22 lbs Polyester In No
3 of 5
Outward Hound
Outward Hound
20 lbs Water resistant nylon In No
3 of 5
Pet Gear I-GO2
Pet Gear I-GO2
15 lbs Oxford fabric In No
3 of 5
15 lbs Polyester fibre Out Yes
3 of 5
Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport
Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport
15 lbs Oxford fabric In No
3 of 5

Top Rated Dog Backpack Carriers Reviews + Pros & Cons

Now that you know what the basic features, are you should be on the lookout for when looking at a dog hiking backpack carrier, it’s time to move on and take each one of the above-presented models and go into specifics in order to help you decide on the best dog carrier backpack. So, no matter if you’re looking for a small dog carrier or you simply want to decide on what’s the best dog backpack carrier, the following section is designed for you.

Hokonui Dog Carrier Backpack w/ Breathable Mesh Window

Hokonui Dog Carrier Backpack

The Hokonui dog body carrier is built using Oxford Fabric combined with PVC Fluorescence Leather that makes it very light and easy to clean at the same time. In case you’re hiking through colder areas, it has 2 cushions that are retaining inside temperature in the winter and keeping out the hot air in the summer. If you are looking for a doggie carrier pouch, this model is definitely what you are looking for with a maximum load of 22 lbs and an extra-large storage space that leaves enough room for your bet to move freely.

It also comes with an anti-shedding system that consists of a set of waist belts to better fix it in place and prevent shaking even when the pet is moving inside the hiking dog carrier. It also leaves enough room to use the extra pockets design for carrying dog food, a water bottle, an umbrella and all sort of other stuff you normally take with you. This item can easily work as a small dog carrier backpack as well as you can just fill the extra space with a blanket or the dog’s toys.

Just like a front dog carrier backpack, this puppy carrier backpack comes equipped with four big mesh windows in order to improve ventilation and air circulation so that your pet has maximum comfort while enjoying a cool ride with its best buddy.


  • Durable Materials
  • Can hold up to 22 lbs
  • Breathable mesh so that air exchange is done properly
  • Extra pockets for food or other personal belongings


  • It’s not airline approved, however, thanks to the materials you can just fold it and put it inside another bag.

Because we know how important is the opinion of another fellow pet owner that has tried this product, we’ve been checking customer reviews as well. Yvonne thinks the back dog carrier is perfect for its pet, offers a good quality and is easy to wash and maintain. Veronica also things this is the best dog carrier due to the fact it managed to fit her 22 lbs dog with ease and she really liked it too.

Texsens Innovative Bubble Dog Carrier Backpack (Airline Approved)

Texsens Innovative Bubble Dog Carrier Backpack

The Texens Bubble might just be the best dog carrier you have ever seen thanks to that astronaut-inspired design and high-quality materials that it was built from. IT comes with a semi-sphere that allows your pet to enjoy the view while resting comfortably in this puppy backpack carrier. This very cute dog carrier has a very interesting design even when you get past the semi-sphere. The PU leather and mesh sued to manufacture it make it very durable and stylish so it’s a great choice for those pet owners that are also into fashion at the same time. The combination of colors and elements, the padded straps that offer comfort even when carrying bigger dogs plus the resistant and extra-long zippers, make this model one that can easily compete for the title of best dog backpack carrier.

To add even more to the effectiveness of this wearable dog carrier, you should know that it is approved by most airlines so you can easily carry it with you as a hand luggage when flying and it can carry a pet up to 15 lbs in weight. So, no more leaving your pet at home when you’re going on vacation or on a long hike, you can make it part of the trip thanks to this very stylish and functional doggie carrier backpack. You don’t have to worry about air circulation and because the backpack has a lot of holes and mesh areas that ensure the comfort and safety of your beloved pet.


  • Very stylish look
  • Made of PU Leather
  • The innovative semi-sphere is a very interesting touch and is very cute at the same time
  • Airline approved so that you can take it with your when you fly.


  • The semi-sphere can get a bit dirty in time, however, you can easily clean it thanks to the all-the-way opening of the backpack

Because we want you to have access to complete information, we also checked a lot of customer reviews and present them to you. Becca bought this backpack specifically for flying with it and she is very happy with the result. She also loves the way her dog looks through the semi-sphere. Ben thinks that this is the most fashionable hiking backpack carrier he ever owned and is simply thrilled about owning it.

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack (Airline Approved)

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

The Natuavalle 6-in-1 is one of the best dog backpack carriers for biking that can easily perform a lot of functions. It’s not called six in one just as marketing stunt, it actually can become six different things. It can be a backpack pet carrier, a front pack, a shoulder bag, handbag, car seat crate and a 2-position carrier.

You can now carry your pet easy and comfortable on your back, front or on the shoulder, depending on the activity you intend to perform. All the straps that come with it and make it adaptable from one function to the other are removable and you can choose the use that fits best with your needs and carrying habits. It is a lot higher and sturdier than most of the animal carrier backpacks you will find online and it comes at a very reasonable price too. It comes with a wooden floor that prevents any bending or folding that can lead to discomfort for your pet during travel. It has a lot of ventilation spaces to ensure airflow and high comfort for your pet as well.

If you’re looking for a model that is waterproof as well as a backpack pet carrier airline approved, then the NAtuvalle 6-in-1 is the product you are looking for. Being able to fit any kind of dog, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a French bulldog backpack carrier or a model for a Chihuahua, this versatile model cane ensure comfort in all circumstance.


  • Airline approved so you can take it with you during flights
  • A lot of different functions that are more than suited for dog transportation
  • High-quality materials
  • A lot of meshes to ensure air circulation and give your pet the comfort it needs


  • Some customers complained about weak zippers, however, considering it’s a backpack destined for smaller dogs, it’s understandable why zippers don’t perform so well with larger breeds

Since all these technical data and specifications might not say a lot to you, we’ve checked a few reviews from customers that owned this chest dog carrier and here’s what they think. Amanda bought the carrier for taking her dog on hikes and she is absolutely pleased with the fact that it has different positions since her dog is quite heavy and that way she avoids back pain. Ben also enjoys this body pet carrier due to the fact that it has interchangeable belts and fits very well with any occasion.

Petsfit Comfort Dog Carrier Backpack

Petsfit Comfort Dog Carrier Backpack

The Petsfit Comfort backpack is the ideal pet body carrier if you want something light, resistant and comfortable for both your pet and you. First of all, the padding on the straps make it very comfortable to carry even a medium-sized dog without any discomfort or pain to your back and shoulders. The maximum weight that this model can take is 15 pounds so it can easily compete for the best small dog carrier, even though it can handle bigger dogs as well.

The Petsfit Comfort has a stable plastic base to prevent folding and hurting your pet and this feature also comes in handy when you want to put the backpack on the ground since it ensures a solid base for your pet to stand on. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, this front backpack dog carrier is perfect because it comes with a removable bottom cover, which makes it really quick to clean and restore to top shape.

Since the manufacturers are concerned about the well-being of your pet, there are four mesh windows that allow fresh air to come in and proper air circulation. The meshes are also great for your dog to see outside and not feel afraid of being locked inside the backpack.

This model can be worn as a backpack, a front-back or on your shoulder, thanks to the detachable straps that come with it. This is great because when you’re going on a long hike, you might want to chance the position you’re holding it, to avoid discomfort.


  • Very comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Four big mesh areas for visibility and ventilation
  • The bottom cover can be removed for better cleaning and maintenance
  • Strong plastic base to increase durability and sturdiness during transport


  • It is not airline approved, however, you can always fit it inside another bag and carry it with your on a plane.

Since we know how important it is to hear the feedback of a previous owner for this model and their experiences with it, we searched the internet long and wide in order to find out their opinion. You’d be pleased to find that a school for dogs and cats finds it a very good choice because it is super cozy, durable and very comfortable. They totally recommend it for small dogs considering it a best-buy with the price they bought it at.

Prefer Pets Backpack Pet Carrier (Airline Approved)

Prefer Pets Backpack Pet Carrier

The Prefer Pets front facing dog carrier backpack is thoughtfully-designed to offer best dog backpack carrier, safety and security when it comes to being on the go with your pet. It is a convertible carrier that offers you portability as well as comfort thanks to all the features it comes with. The pet can easily enter and exit the backpack thanks to the side panels that are zipper-operated and offer a lot of space for movement and for the pet to find its desired position inside the backpack.

It comes equipped with four big mesh windows on all four sides to offer the best air circulation inside, bringing fresh air from the outside and eliminating the air inside in a natural and comforting way for your pet. As an extra, it has a bone shaped mesh on the back panel for aesthetic purposes and to make the pets like it even more. This hands-free dog carrier also comes with a privacy cover on the front that can be rolled up or down when going to busy places in order to reduce anxiety or any other elements of distraction.

While it might not be the best dog carrier backpack for motorcycle use, you can take it with you on a plane with no worries since it is airline approved and it fits right under the seat of any commercial airline operated by the airlines. And when to all that you add the water-resistance canvas, the Pet ID card and the luggage tag on the side, you really get one of the best body dog carriers on the market.


  • Airline approved by most of the international airlines – it fits under the seat
  • Big meshes for ventilation and increased comfort
  • Padded back and shoulder straps included
  • Privacy cover that can help reduce pet’s anxiety


  • There are no removable parts to make it easier to clean the backpack, however, you can simply clean it through the big side panels that offer easy access

Now we get to the part where we deliver to you some of the best reviews by actual pet owners that bought and tested this product. And Alycia thinks it’s the best carrier for a small dog, it has a lot of storage room and it’s sturdy enough to hold up the weight. Cynthia bough this model for the shih tzu-yorkie around 11 lbs that likes the backpack a lot, being able to turn around and still have enough space to enjoy the ride comfortably.

Pet Magasin Dog Travel Carrier Backpack (Airline Approved)

Pet Magasin Dog Travel Carrier Backpack

The Pet Magasin body dog carrier is the ideal solution when it comes to hiking and traveling with your pets. If you’re a pet lover that also loves being in nature a lot and you don’t want to leave your pet behind, then this is the best dog carrier bag for you. First of all, you get a dog carrier backpack airline approved and besides that it offers an all-in-one experience, thanks to the many ways you can use it to transport your pets. It can be used as a backpack, a regular in-hand carrier or even as a portable kennel by laying down the Lambo and zip the side panels open to give your pet enough room to walk around.

When talking about materials and manufacturing process, the Pet Magasin dog travel carrier backpack is not only durable and sturdy but it is also lightweight and made of waterproof materials. Since most of the dog carriers backpack style develop issues with the zippers, the Pet Magasin comes with strong YKK zippers that will never deteriorate or break, allowing you to use the carrier for many years in a row, or until your pet gets to big to fit it.

When you’re not using the backpack style dog carrier you can simply fold it and store it safely until the next hike or city break and when it comes to cleaning, due to its water-resistant materials you can easily wash it clean.


  • Water-resistant for easy cleaning
  • Airline approved so you can take it with you during abroad vacations
  • Sturdy and durable thanks to strong materials and zippers used at manufacturing it
  • It can also be used as a portable kennel


  • It doesn’t come with a privacy cover in case you want to completely cover your pet, however, that can be achieved by simply opening the top part.

The Pet Magasin model is a model highly appreciated by pet owners and you can get that from all the positive reviews we found on the internet from verified buyers. Amber, for example, bought this model for her Chihuahua because she wanted to take her on hikes. Amber really loves the materials and the inside strap to keep the pet secured even when hiking on steep mountains and such.

CozyCabin Dog Carrier Backpack

CozyCabin Dog Carrier Backpack

The Cozy Cabin dog carrier backpack is excellent when it comes to taking your pet wherever you travel. Perfect for a lot of small breeds such as a poodle, mini-schnauzer, teddy, Yorkshire, pincher or Pomeranian, this puppy body carrier will assist you in taking your beloved pet with you and never have to worry about finding someone to take care of It when you’re going on vacations or long hikes. Besides the discomfort that comes along with the fact of finding someone to babysit your pet, you can’t fully relax knowing that you left it behind. Problem solved with the CozyCabin carrier that is manufactured using high-quality sandwich mesh fabric and oxford to provide the best experience when going on a hike or a long walk with your dog in it. It comes with a front hole that is perfectly adjustable so it fits your pets’ neck size. This means that your pet’s head will always be on the outside so no longer do you have to worry about ventilation and air circulation inside the backpack. Even so, there’s enough air going in in order to keep your dog cool and avoid overheating, especially in the hot summer days.

The shoulder straps are soft-padded and offer maximum comfort even for pets up to 12 lbs on long journeys. You can use it as a backpack or front carrier as well, depending on your preferences and it has an excellent buckle design inside that can easily be connected with the collar to prevent your dog from jumping out or any other moves that may endanger its health.


  • Strong and sturdy materials such as leather and canvas make it comfortable and durable at the same time
  • It comes with large compartments for dog food and extra toys you want to carry with you
  • The extra-safety system that connects with the collar in order to prevent the pet from jumping during the hike
  • Air of the pet stays out at all times, ensuring proper oxygen delivery


  • The legs of the pet remain inside during the stay in the backpack, however, doctors confirmed that’s no issue for the health of the dog

Like with every other model that we reviewed, this is the part where you can check out some of the best reviews of verified owners of this product. Diane likes the backpack because it is sturdy and they can easily take their dog during heir UTV rides. Wally also thinks this is the best purchase for his pug and would recommend it to anyone that owns a small dog and wants to go hiking with their four-legged best friend.

Casual Canine Dog Carrier Backpack

Casual Canine Dog Carrier Backpack

If you are looking for a cool dog carrier then the Casual Canine model is exactly what you are looking for. Besides that, it’s in the name of the manufacturer ‘casual’ being the best image for a cool dog, it’s looks and specifications really recommend it as a very good option for traveling with your pet right beside you.

While it isn’t an air-conditioned dog carrier, it offers you the possibility to take your pet with you wherever you go and keeping your hands free for various activities. It is perfect if you have to take a trip downtown with your kids but also want to take the pet with. And since you already have your hands fill with the young ones, you can simply place the dog in the backpack and that way you can handle everything.

It comes with an optional mesh tent on the front that can be zipped open to allow more air to get in and, of course, for your pet to be able to observe the surroundings. Depending on what your dog likes, you can either keep the front open or closed in order to reduce anxiety when walking in very crowded or noisy areas. Compared with other models, this back pack dog carrier has added storage compartments on the sides which can be used for storing food, toys, medical records, bags or any other personal belongings. Thanks to strong materials on the side, no matter what you store in these compartments, it won’t bother your pet during the ride.


  • It offers a hands-free experience being ideal for when you also have to take care of the kids
  • It comes with a big mesh tent that can be zipped open for better air circulations
  • Built with polyester and self-locking zippers for long term use
  • Extra compartments for depositing personal belongings, dog food or toys


  • It isn’t airline approved, however, several customers were able to board a plane with it since most airlines are pretty flexible with this.

Other buyers on the internet that found some time to leave an online review after testing this product were quite happy about it. Catriona, for example, thinks it’s perfect for her dog to fit it, a poo bag and her phone and wallet as well. While she did wish to be able to put her laptop inside as well, she’s still more than satisfied with the quality and service of this backpack.

Outward Hound Dog Carrier Backpack

Outward Hound Dog Carrier Backpack

The Outward Hound carrier is perfect for small paws that you simply want to take with your everywhere. Since not all legs can really keep up with ours, the need for a come along pet carrier is very real and now there’s a perfect solution available.

It’s clear that the dog bike carrier backpack from Outward Hound was designed for warm and pleasant weather due to the big mesh surfaces and the lightweight design that allows the pet to stay cool while hiking. You won’t have to worry about rain as well since the fabric is water resistant and also repels sweat or excess heat thanks to the properties of the material.

Since nobody likes extra luggage, the Outward Hound is the ultimate backpack dog carrier thanks to the fact that it allows the storage of other useful stuff such as water bottles, food or even an extra pair of shoes in the side pockets so you won’t have to carry another backpack for your personal belongings. Also, you can easily store things like keys, poop baggies or your phone and wallet in the specially-built compartments.

This model also comes with a safety harness in the interior of the backpack that gives you added security when you fix it to the collar. This harness prevents your dog from jumping out during a hike when he sees a cat or anything else that may seem interesting enough for him to take a dive. Since it can be worn on the front as well, this gives you the ability to always check on your dog and make sure he’s comfortable along the ride, when he needs water or when it’s time to leave him out for a bit of paw stretch.

Thanks to the high-quality, durable materials, this dog carrier can hold pets of up to 20 lbs and the shoulder straps are padded with an extra-soft, shock-absorbing material that is very gentle on your shoulders.


  • Lightweight
  • Can take pets up to 20lbs in weight
  • Allows owners to always keep an eye on their pet


  • It can’t provide enough warmth during cold days, however, it is being advertised and sold as a warm-weather carrier.

Moving on to the customer reviews, you will be pleased to find you that it got 5 stars from Craig that believes it is a great product for a 10 lbs dog that simply loves motorcycle rides. It offers the comfort and protection it needs during the rides and it is ideal for hikes as well.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Dog Carrier Backpack

Pet Gear I-GO2 Dog Carrier Backpack

If you’re still wondering where to buy best dog carrier backpacks, the answer is simple. Go to the nearest pet shop and get yourself the Pet Gear I-GO2 right now. It can be described as a medium animal carrier that comes with a lot of great features and perks which will make it the best accessory when it comes to traveling with your four-legged buddy.

It’s actually a lot more than just a backpack as it offers the utility of 5 products all in one packaging. It can easily be converted to a carrier, car seat, roller bag and tote which is extremely helpful in all sort of situations that include transporting your pet. The included tether can easily be attached to the harness or collar for added safety.

When you use it as a roller, you can simply extend the telescopic handle and just drag it along for a very smooth experience whenever you feel like giving your shoulders and back a rest. Besides your favorite pet, when you buy pet carriers, you also think about taking a few personal stuff with you. Well, that’s excellent because you will be able to get an extra 3-inches additional space on the sides which are perfect for your keys, wallet, phone, ID or anything else you’d like to carry with you.


  • A 5-in-1 product that is very versatile to fit all needs of pet owners
  • Good-quality materials being used
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a telescopic handle so you can just carry it as a roller


  • It doesn’t offer space for a big water bottle or an umbrella, however, it is a dog carrier besides everything else and it does a great job fitting your pet.

Since other buyers’ opinion is very valuable to any pet owner, we’ve reviewed the online feedback left on this product to bring you some of their opinions. Stuart tested it on a 7000 mile road trip and it was the best thing that happened for their 14-years-old dog since they could use it as a car seat and backpack, allowing them to enjoy the road and views while always having their pet along.

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

The Pawaboo Pet carrier presents itself as a hands-free dog carrier that will allow owners to spend more time together while going on adventurous hikes or walks in the wilderness. It is manufactured using a breathable mesh that is at the same time comfortable and durable so that the backpack can last for a long time while also being very easy to clean by simply placing in the washing machine. IT comes with a loop and hook, zipper and elastic openings that allow you to place your pet comfortably in it and secure it tightly while also not losing comfort for the little buddy.

The innovative design that allows the legs and tail to get out is considered to be very good for the overall comfort of your pet, especially during long hikes when they might feel a bit cramped and you’ll have to take them out every now and then for a little stretch.

Another big plus of this medium animal carrier is that it can be easily adjusted to your back or front thanks to the clips and sponge padding that provides maximum comfort and reduces tension on your shoulders and lower back. When worn on front, you have the added advantage of being able to monitor your pet at all times.


  • Legs and tail are outside of the backpack, increasing comfort for your pet
  • Durable materials that are environmental friendly as well
  • Easy-fit for any dog breed
  • Added padding for extra comfort on your shoulders and back


  • It’s not water resistant, however, considering that this is a legs-out model you wouldn’t want to keep your pet in the rain anyway

When it comes to customers reviews, Allison is straightforward about the quality of this backpack and resumes her feedback with an “ Oh go on, buy it” leaving no room for interpretations. She owns a 9.6 lb Chihuahua and it’s the best buy she could possibly make. Gary is also very pleased about how his pug simply sits comfortably in this carrier and what he likes most is the smiles and pleased looks he gets from the people around.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport Carrier Backpack

Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport Carrier Backpack

The Pet Gear I-GO2 Sport carrier has almost the same specifications as the model we reviewed above, the only difference it brings is that it is a bit smaller so that it gives this sporty look when carried around. Sharing the same characteristics with the non-sport edition, it’s a good choice if you want to buy a dog carrier that does the job and also provides a lot of different jobs as well. It can be used as a car seat, a portable kennel as well as a front and back carrier which is great because you won’t have to spend money on different products when you can simply adjust the one you already have.

Materials-wise, the backpack is built using the latest technology Oxford material and water-resistant fabric which makes it perfect for outdoors activities such as hiking or long walks in nature, on the mountains or at the beach. Besides offering your pet a lot of comforts and a warm and steady stay during your hike, it also gives you the ability to store different products inside so you won’t have to carry another storage device along. You can’t really fit anything big in there but when it comes to keys, phone, wallet or a change of clothes, you can definitely make it work.


  • 5-in-1 functionality
  • Durable materials such as Oxford fabric
  • It can also be used as a car seat or a roller
  • Good for bigger dogs, up to 20 lbs


  • It doesn’t come with room for a water bottle or something bigger but that’s not a bad thing since it’s a dog carrier after all.

Most buyers will rather go with another pet owner’s opinion rather than the technical specs for such a product so this is why we tried to find the most-helpful feedbacks. Ben thinks this 5-in-1 carrier is exactly what he needed for his 12 lbs dog that can now follow him wherever he goes and is extremely happy that he can now keep the dog with him in the car thanks to the car seat function.

Dog Carriers Buying Guide

Now that we’ve been through all the specifics and qualities of the best-rated 12 products you are able to find on the market right now and you already have a clear idea what are the ups and downs of each and every one of them, it’s time to find answers to the questions that every pet owner asks themselves when they buy pet carriers. The following guidelines and recommendations will give you the last bit of support you need in your quest of finding the best dog carrier out there.

The Backpack Should Be Comfortable for The Dog

It goes without saying that comfort for your pet has to be your main priority when shopping for a dog backpack carrier. You should not pay that much attention to design and how fashionable the backpack is or if it goes well with the clothes you packed for the trip. The main concern is that your pet feels comfortable and that you don’t stress them out or traumatize them in any way during transportation in such a backpack. With that in mind, always go for a model that is a perfect fit for your dog’s size because too much room can also be harmful during the shakier travels, just as much as having too little room will lead to a bad experience for the pet.

With comfort as your main goal when buying a backpack, you will also have to pay attention to the materials used since that can bring a big plus to the overall quality of the backpack carrier for dogs. Materials play a big role in ventilation, air circulation and the overall temperature inside the backpack.

Why A Dog Carrier Backpack and Not A Dog Carrier Sling Bag

When you put the two products head to head, the advantages of a dog carrier backpack are quite obvious but we’re going to go through them anyway just so you have a clear idea on them.

First of all, it’s all about comfort once again. In a sling bag, your dog has little space and that leads to a cramped-up position in which the dog simply cannot be comfortable. Then, you have the risk of falling or jumping off the slingback which doesn’t allow any kind of securing the pet with a harness or anything similar. Another plus for the backpack is the fact that you will always have your hands free to use opposed to the sling bag that has to be held in-hand or on your shoulder, limiting your mobility.

Yet another advantage that a backpack has over a sling bag is the fact that you can use the extra compartments of the dog carrier backpack to store personal belongings such as a phone, wallet, a bottle of water or even a change of clothes. Depending on your needs, you will be able to find a lot more advantages that a backpack brings opposed to just using a sling bag.

Travel Regulation Standards

If you intend to take your pet with you on the plane, you will have to be extra careful when choosing the proper dog carrier backpack. There is a set of rules and properties that your backpack needs to meet in order for it to be allowed on board of planes and pass the airlines admittance process.

The first thing you’d want to do is check with the airlines and make sure they allow pets to travel in the cabin of the plan. Since it’s really a case-by-case situation, you need to check every time before planning your trip as some airlines will allow dogs and cats to travel in the cabin, while others won’t allow it.

Then, you need to know exactly what type of pets are allowed in the cabin and make sure you can comply with these regulations. In general, pets under 18 inches long from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and that weigh around 12 pounds, are allowed in the cabin but you still need to check with the airlines first. In order for you to be able to take it on the plane with you, the backpack itself needs to meet certain requirements such as:

  • A waterproof base
  • Sufficient ventilation – 2 sides of the backpack should contain mesh ventilation
  • Security – zipper locks, ID tags
  • Must fit the entire pet, no part of the pet should be exposed during the travel

To make it easier for you, there are several airline-approved backpacks that we reviewed above. Taking into consideration the size of your pet, you can make the right decision and simply pick one of them.

Get A Dog Carrier Backpack with Proper Ventilation

Besides the airline requirements regarding ventilation, even if you’re not planning on taking your pet carrier backpacks on a plane, you need to be very careful about ventilation as this aspect is very important towards the overall level of comfort of your dog. Make sure there are enough mesh surfaces or other types of ventilation systems that always provide fresh air inside the backpack and keep a steady temperature, especially in the hot summer days when you’re going out on a hike.

Besides delivering fresh air constantly for your pet to be able to breathe normally and feel no discomfort, the ventilation helps to prevent sweating of any kind and maintains the comfort level of your pet within stable values.

Airline Approved

Since we’ve already been through what features a backpack must contain in order for it to be airline approved, we’re going to focus on the qualitative differences of airline approved when compared to the ones that are not airline approved and see if there’s some sort of cutting back on quality in order to make them fit the regulations of the airlines.

If you’re looking at size, you can definitely notice that the size of an airline approved backpack is smaller than one that doesn’t meet this regulation. This translated in less room for your pet, which is a sacrifice you need to make if you also want to be able to transport your dog in the cabin of an airplane with you.

Another difference between the airline approved dog carrier backpacks and the ones that are not approved is that you can have open sides for your dog to just stick out and enjoy the view/ride. While some owners are not really interested in this, it can matter for those that want their pet to feel the full enjoyment of traveling with their owners.

Legs Out or Legs in Dog Carrier

Another interesting debate when it comes to small dog carriers and any size other sizes actually, is the positioning of the pets’ feet. There are backpacks that keep the feet of the pet inside and other models that allow them to be outside, which some consider being a more comfortable position for dogs.

The truth is actually in the middle since there’s no accurate way to say which type of best dog backpack carriers is best for the pet or which one is preferred by the four-legged creatures. Doctors that have studied this matter confirm that it doesn’t affect the dog’s health in any way if the legs are outside or inside, as long as they’re in a natural position, with enough space to move and nothing too tight that can prevent blood circulation.

So, it’s really a matter that every owner needs to establish for their pets, depending on the pet’s preferences. Some dogs might like to be able to just curl inside the backpack and keep their paws underneath while some of them might feel more comfortable with their paws standing out, allowing them to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

How to Choose the Right Size Dog Carrier Backpack?

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right dog carrier backpack size is very important and can greatly influence comfort levels and the overall openness of the dog towards the backpack. If you get a bigger backpack, the extra space will leave your dog feeling uncomfortable due to the natural body movement when carrying it around and if the doggie bag carrier is too small, the pet won’t have enough room to fit comfortably in the backpack.

To make sure you get the exact size that fits your pet, you will need to take proper measurements. First of all, you will need to measure it from the tip of the nose until the base of the tail. Then, measure its legs front and back and then also do a measurement for the overall diameter of the pet. Only by knowing these exact measurements you will be able to properly identify the exact size of the dog hiking backpack carrier you need to purchase since weight is not a clear indicator because it can vary quite a lot from dog to dog.


So, this concludes our journey to present and help you find the best dog carrier backpack to maximize efficiency and meet your needs as well as your pets’. It can not be denied that a best dog backpack carrier is a very useful item if you’re going on a hike or a walk in town and you wish to have your hands. It’s great for any dog lover because you won’t have to leave your pet behind when you’re leaving from home but it brings a lot of decision making with it when it comes to buying one. All the different models, all the specifications regarding size, weight, airline approval, legs in or out, padded or not can really make a buyer go crazy so that’s why we’ve composed this entire buying guide so that you have an easier time looking for the perfect backpack.

Keep in mind that, no matter how much you struggle to buy the perfect item for your dog, there’s only one approval you need to get, the one from your pet. If he or she doesn’t like it then you must surely return it and try again with the second-best choice because if you can’t get your dog to try it out, it’s useless.

After all the reviews we’ve been through together, along with the main features needed at such a backpack, our conclusion is that the best bet for you when buying a dog carrier backpack is the Hokonui Dog Carrier Backpack w/ Breathable Mesh Window simply because it offers high levels of comfort for both your pet and your back while carrying it, it’s made from eco-friendly materials that will never harm you or your pet and, most important of all, it guarantees safe movement wherever you want to go.

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